October 2013 Meeting – Call for Content!

This is Chris Romp from your San Francisco SharePoint User Group board.  Unfortunately our speaker scheduled for October has had a scheduling conflict arise, so I wanted to try something different this month.

Is there something in SharePoint you wish could just work a little bit better? Or a way of presenting information that you haven’t gotten quite figured out yet? Or any other kind of problem/question you’d like to have discussed? Send me your ideas at chris.romp [at] r3interworks [dot] com, (or “tweet” them to @SFSPUG) and I’ll pick a handful to demonstrate or discuss at this month’s meeting along with other SFSPUG members. They can be any level of complexity, and on any SharePoint-related topic — administration, customization, configuration, security, development, etc. — for SharePoint 2010, 2013, and Office 365.

Even better, if you’ve solved a problem in a cool way, why not come and present your solution to the group yourself? If you’ve ever wanted to present at SFSPUG this is an easy way to get started… I’m looking for a handful of 10-15 minute solutions to demonstrate, so no need to work up a 90-minute presentation. If you need a test SharePoint environment let me know and I can get you set up with one to use.

Deadline for submissions: This Friday, October 4th.

If this works out, I’d like to start doing one problem/solution type of demonstration at the beginning of every month’s meeting.  So this is the experiment, and if it’s something you’d like to see us do it’s up to you to help make it work.  So, let’s hear those ideas!

Register for the October Meeting: https://sfspugoct13.eventbrite.com/