Meeting Jan 10 2019 – Expectation (Ignite) vs. Reality (Life as a SharePoint site owner)

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Food and Networking: 6:00 PM to 6:15 PM
Presentations: 6:15 PM to 7:45(-ish) PM

Hosting by R3 Interworks and WeWork.
Pizza provided by R3 Interworks.

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Expectation (Ignite) -vs- Reality (Life as a SharePoint site owner)

Microsoft made lots of exciting announcements at Ignite in September, including many features that would be ready by the “end of the year.” Now that it’s 2019 what’s actually available* and how useful is it? We’ll be looking at Modern SPO features and webparts from a site owner’s perspective. Once the PowerShell command Enable-CommSite is publicly released, do you think you’re ready to go fully Modern? Feel free to bring your own experiences and questions.

* YMMV depending on the rollout schedule and phase of the moon. We have no special insights on the Gov/Edu rollout schedule.

Speaker: Caitlin Young, R3 Interworks

Caitlin is a Principal Consultant at R3 Interworks, with a focus on business analysis and user-centered design. She’s been helping real people make practical use of SharePoint since 2006 and has lots of cynically practical advice on this topic, as well as Enterprise Project Management, Intranet Governance and Process Improvement.

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